Choosing Floors For Your Home: 6 Options

Many people overlook their floors, when they look to buy their home. Perhaps they take them for granted, but hopefully, it’s because, they realize, one can change these, to fit their needs, tastes, requirements, etc. There are many types of materials one might consider, as well as evaluating the environment, or ecological factors. This article will try to review, the basics, of the 6 major options, generally considered, for one’s floors, etc. One should remember you can have a different floor type in different areas and locations throughout the house, also.

1. Hardwood: Hardwood flooring is perhaps the most sought – after material, at least in many areas of the country. Besides the appearance, one of the advantages is its longevity, and ability to be re – finished, resurfaced, and stained. While the popularity is understandable, there are certain locations, where you might want to stay away from hardwood floors. One is in entry or extremely high – use areas, especially ones, which might be subject to excessive amounts of dirt, moisture, etc. While these floors are enduring, they will often exhibit this use, and appear to need to be finished and/ or refined. Another area is in the kitchen areas, because of the need to clean these floors more often, and wood endures, but the procedure for cleaning and maintaining the appearance, might be challenging. In areas where the room and floors, might get colder in the winter, especially those that overhang, etc, many people cover much of the floors with rugs and/ or carpets, for warmth, etc. However, there is something special about the look of hardwood!

2. Laminate: A less expensive alternative to hardwood, these generally have a luster and appearance, of polished wood, at generally far lower cost, and requiring much less mess and modification. However, care must be taken, because these often show scratches, etc, and a particular type of cleaning material must be used, for maintenance, etc.

3. Carpeting: Years ago, carpets were the craze! Today, most people limit carpeting to areas such as formal dining rooms, and certain bedrooms, as well as using industrial – grade, or inside/ outside carpeting, in basements, dens, etc. Carpets come in various styles, materials, etc, but care must be taken, to use stain – resistant additives, and be aware of allergies, etc. Also, you must vacuum, on a regular basis. The advantages are: some people really like them; they come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, etc; and are somewhat easily replaced/ maintained; provide warmth; and cover – up a variety of sins, in the floor below!

4. Tile: Kitchens are prime areas for tiles, as are high usage areas. One should know the proper maintenance for the particular type/ material, being used. However, quality, stylish tiles, are often costly.

5. Linoleum: All the rage years ago, today these materials are most often used in smaller kitchens, basements, and less formal areas. They are less expensive and relatively easy to maintain, but have a somewhat limited life expectancy.

6. Mix and match: One can mix and match materials throughout one’s home, but do so, in a logical way, which takes advantage of the strengths of the materials, works in your budget, serves your purposes, and makes sense. Remember: it’s your house, and your taste, but what you do, may impact resale prices!