Giving Your Bedroom a Modern Appearance

Modern styles are definitely popular when it comes to the home. Why not go for a modern bedroom that lightens the atmosphere and allows it to be more interesting? Here is how you can do it.

The idea of modernism is minimalism. Modern styles use many geometric shapes and neutral colours such as black, white and grey. The personalisation is added with the smaller design elements such as the mirrors, bedding, curtains and door handles.

Built in shelves and high bookshelves are both great. Built in shelves or cupboards allow you to have more space. Bookshelves that reach the ceilings give you more places to place your books and ornaments so that you won’t have to get a second unit.

Float your bed. Not literally, of course! Build a pedestal for your bed and use that space underneath the unit to store your clothes and shoes. This might also be sufficient as extra storage for your bedding and it will give you more wall space for any other items.

Install bedside lamps on your wall. Then you won’t need to have a bedside table. Or you won’t need a very large bedside table, anyway. One that’s just small enough to place your phone and book on will be sufficient and space saving.

The fun part comes in when you can add a personal touch to decorate your bedroom. Add mirrors with colourful frames, use creative wall stickers of words or a phrase that you love. You could find modern mirrors such as interesting lipstick mirrors at popular furniture stores. This allows your bedroom to reflect who you are which will make you feel more comfortable.

Use bright and bold throws to decorate your bed at a minimal while keeping the theme of modernism. Match the scatter cushions with the same colour as the throws and add additional cushions with a pattern.

Make white the main colour if you have a small bedroom. White creates the illusion of space. White is also a simple colour that allows you to experiment with lots of bolder and brighter tones in the decor. Technically, so does black but it will give the illusion of smaller space which makes the atmosphere seem crowded.

Experiment with odd geometric shapes. You can do this with most bookshelves or paintings. The geometric shapes in the d├ęcor will give you a fun and free feeling that is in line with modernism.