Breezes Can Lead to High Winds

We had one of the worst hurricane seasons that I can ever remember in my forty years living in my house. I knew that it was going to be bad because we had not had a bad year for storms in some time and we were due for a very active storm season. My mom told me that when I bought my house that I should get some orange county shutters so that I can actually pull the shutters closed on my windows in case there was going to be a storm coming. I live close to the water and the winds can be pretty bad on a breezy day. When there are hurricane force winds, my windows can shake and if I do not put the shutters on them I swear that they will break. We have a great window and while it offers us a gorgeous view of the water, it can be very difficult to determine if it might break during a storm.

I remember when I was younger and we lived near the water, we had a bad hurricane when I was about six or so. My grandparents lived right on the water so they came over to our house to make sure that they would not get flooded and stay safe. I know that we were all in the basement because it was scary, and we heard trees falling all over the place. My parents made us go down even though I wanted to watch the wind. I used to love watching a good thunderstorm over the water when I was at their house and it was the best view. Anyways, when I was younger I remember I was so happy to know that we could stay safe together in the basement because a tree came very close to our front bay window.