Giving Your Bedroom a Modern Appearance

Modern styles are definitely popular when it comes to the home. Why not go for a modern bedroom that lightens the atmosphere and allows it to be more interesting? Here is how you can do it.

The idea of modernism is minimalism. Modern styles use many geometric shapes and neutral colours such as black, white and grey. The personalisation is added with the smaller design elements such as the mirrors, bedding, curtains and door handles.

Built in shelves and high bookshelves are both great. Built in shelves or cupboards allow you to have more space. Bookshelves that reach the ceilings give you more places to place your books and ornaments so that you won’t have to get a second unit.

Float your bed. Not literally, of course! Build a pedestal for your bed and use that space underneath the unit to store your clothes and shoes. This might also be sufficient as extra storage for your bedding and it will give you more wall space for any other items.

Install bedside lamps on your wall. Then you won’t need to have a bedside table. Or you won’t need a very large bedside table, anyway. One that’s just small enough to place your phone and book on will be sufficient and space saving.

The fun part comes in when you can add a personal touch to decorate your bedroom. Add mirrors with colourful frames, use creative wall stickers of words or a phrase that you love. You could find modern mirrors such as interesting lipstick mirrors at popular furniture stores. This allows your bedroom to reflect who you are which will make you feel more comfortable.

Use bright and bold throws to decorate your bed at a minimal while keeping the theme of modernism. Match the scatter cushions with the same colour as the throws and add additional cushions with a pattern.

Make white the main colour if you have a small bedroom. White creates the illusion of space. White is also a simple colour that allows you to experiment with lots of bolder and brighter tones in the decor. Technically, so does black but it will give the illusion of smaller space which makes the atmosphere seem crowded.

Experiment with odd geometric shapes. You can do this with most bookshelves or paintings. The geometric shapes in the décor will give you a fun and free feeling that is in line with modernism.

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Decorating Your Home With French Country Style

Do you love the curve of a graceful turned leg? Is button upholstery your passion? Is your favorite color “toile”? Just kidding… it’s a pattern! You’ve come to the right place!

French Country is not just a decorating style, it’s a mindset. On the one hand, it’s a particular look, and always vintage with a hint of nostalgia. On the other hand, anything goes. You can mix materials and textures and just have fun with it.

Some hints: Try to stay with soft yellow, baby blues, and creams. Unless you’re working with a particular French country motif, such as roosters, sunflowers, or lavender. Use baskets, wire or woven, to get a rustic feel. Keep natural materials in mind while you’re decorating. Natural stone, wool, cotton, wood. And, back to toile. It really defines French country.

Let’s start with the most important room, the bedroom. What style bed do you want? You can go from a pared down wrought iron bed… painted a nice cream color. Or, take it all the way to an ornate Sofia bed with button upholstery. Do you prefer a sleigh bed, or maybe something with a canopy? Any of these will work, as long as you have an armoire. No decent French bedroom would be without an armoire. If it has a crackle paint finish, even better. Do your best to fit some toile into your private oasis.

In the dining room, keep it welcoming, old world, and rustic. Mismatched chairs are okay… just paint them the same color. Pair them with a wooden or metal table. Keep the window treatments light, but indulge yourself with a beautiful chandelier. You may want to use shutters for an old world feel.

Will your kitchen have a theme? Roosters and olives are popular for the kitchen. Bring in the baskets and jars to give your kitchen the country feel. A kitchen table should be painted wood. Bring the natural elements into play.

Now to the living room. You have a lot of options here as well. A chaise lounge will do well in the bedroom, but it’s right at home in the French country living room as well. You have a wide variety of chairs that will suit your room, and you’re free to mix and match. Take a look at the traditional French accent chair, the French provincial chair, the wingback style, and the medallion armchair, all keeping with the French country style. Or… just go for an oversized armchair. Here again, if you like button upholstery, buy it. Lots of people think it gives the furniture an elegant, finished look. Is there room for toile in the living room? Okay, let’s move on.

I like the lavender theme best in the bath, but some people like to incorporate it into the bedroom or kitchen. It’s just a matter of preference. Vive la difference!

The most important think about choosing furniture and decorating with it is to have fun. If you feel overwhelmed, get a second opinion. There are many furniture companies that specialize in French Country furniture. You shouldn’t have trouble finding an interior decorator to help you choose some pieces for your French country home.

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Creating Peace With a Home Altar

The home altar is enjoying a definite comeback in many American homes. Although it is not an entirely new idea, as home altars or chapels were all the rage for the great houses and castles built across Europe. Many Eastern religions encourage a personal and direct connection with the Divine power through daily prayers at a home altar. Soldiers throughout thousands of years carried talismans of their religion with them as a form of a portable altar that they could take with them in their travels.

Your home altar can be as simple or elaborate as you choose it to be. However, regardless of your beliefs, you can create a place in your home that honors your faith and Higher Power.

Some basic ideas:
*Find a place for your altar that is easily approachable. You do not want to have to move your altar every time you want to set the table for dinner.

*Get a piece of nice fabric or lace for an altar cloth. Although not required, but it helps support the idea that the space is “special”.

*A small statue of a religious figure (Buddha, Christ, etc.) or a representation of nature is a good focal point.

*A small candle.

*An incense stick holder and incense sticks.

*Create your altar so that it appeals to you and your connection with your Higher Power.

*A spiritual-themed book or the primary source for your religion.

*Once you have created your altar, ask for the blessings of your higher power to bless your own sacred space.

When you feel you have completed your altar, make it an essential part of your daily life.

Ideas for utilizing your home altar:

*Giving thanks for the day, your life, or any other blessings you may have received

*As a place for meditation or prayer

*A place to bring your troubles and to work out emotional pain

*A place to renew your faith

*Write it down a desire to manifest on a slip of paper and leave it on your altar.

An altar can be a place of community and healing within the home. Invite family members or housemates to make their own contributions to the altar and allow them to see how you incorporate your beliefs into your everyday life. This can encourage them to give the Spirit a more emphasized place in their lives. The point of setting up an altar is to honor your connection with your spiritual nature, so make it happen.

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10 Eye Catching Bathroom Ideas

It can never be imagined that how this confined place can give an awesome luxurious feeling within us if we can decorate the place in a unique way. The more you can design the bathroom in a lavish way, more you will be able to make it a comfort zone.

Let us take 10 possible ways of bathroom decoration, which can convert the bathroom in an ultimate de-stressing zone.

The courtyard bath

This will really be a unique way to design the bathroom. Courtyard bathing is just perfect for alfresco bathing. In this kind of bathroom, you will get a spa-like experience. Such outdoor bathing place is needed to be enclosed with trees and ferns. Here one can surely use the backsplash mosaic so that it will add tenderness to the whole place.

The pool with a view

Bathroom designed with marbles is all time favorite among the homeowners as these are easy to maintain. Here you can opt for the floor to ceiling glass windows so that your bathroom can get an abundance of sunlight.

The natural bath

This is a conventional way to design a bathroom. The periphery of the shower can be designed with greenery and the bathtub will be flower covered. This will give a Caribbean feel.

The travertine bath

For every penthouse bathroom, marble is known to be the best designing tool. This will separate the wet area within the bathroom with frameless glass door with a frosted look.

The library bath

The louvered windows here will surely make the way to enter more sunlight. The bathtub can be placed on a wooden platform which will no doubt give an extraordinary look to the bathroom.

The ensuite bath

This style is catching up very fast and people are loving it hugely. The best thing about this style is that these are open ensuite which covering the bedroom and the bathroom.

The eclectic washroom

This type of washroom can easily be designed with a soft gray wall and ultimately this bathroom will develop into an elegant place.

The vintage powder room

This type of washroom is decorated with antique mirror and mini bathtub like a basin. This design is just awesome and will give you extreme refreshment.

The freshly whitewashed bathroom

The ultimate freshness you will get from this design. You can add bold color and exclusive hand painted walls with yellow shade. Here you can place triangular wall pocket for the lamps so that it will become completely contemporary in look.

The palace bath

When you will visit a palace, if you enter their bathroom, the arches and shapes will surely make the bathroom more gorgeous and speaks about the luxury!

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Interior Design Ideas for the Home and Office

When you bought a house or leased an office space, the next thing you will think of is designing the space to something you love or suit your style and purpose. It will be a problem if you just do it on your own unless you are a professional interior designer. Apparently, if you need one, there are experts in interior design who can help you achieve the design you want for your haven or office. However, if you are on a limited budget, then you will need these interior design ideas that will help you to jumpstart the job and have a guide to follow.

You can have a fabulous home or office with some inexpensive interior design ideas below:

Home Interior Design

Make it Cosy. Everyone wants to come to a relaxing home after a long day outside. To do this, bring lots of subtle colours and soft lines to help bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any space.

Go Trendy. A trendy style can bring life into your home. Brickwork and beams are good materials to add a trendy look. This style will also bring a sense of maturity as well as a mixture of vintage and modern look that never goes out of style.

Would you like it bohemian? Bohemian are for explorers who prefer to be unique. If you are like this, bright colours and vibrant patterns should be your priorities. For a more daring or messy yet beautiful look, try adding eastern flavour to the theme.

Bring in the natural light. You can incorporate windows and glass doors to give the light a chance to enter your home. It’s actually up to you as long you find a way to get light into the right areas of the house. Also, choose the right blinds as this will also compliment the light.

Add nature in your home. They say there are psychological benefits of adding outdoor or nature vibe in your home. Some pots and plants will make it relaxing to stay indoors.

Include arts within your home. Any artwork can add depth to the look of the interior. The art pieces you choose to display can have direct feel of the space. It’s good to get some outdoor-inspired artwork or family portraits in the great outdoors to bring natural look to your home.

Office Interior Design

Usually, businesses hire interior designers to work on the design of the office space. But some small business prefer to do it on their own since they usually have a smaller space. Business owners should keep in mind that offices are not just about workstation but area for collaboration. There’s always an affordable commercial office interior design service that can assist them but if they prefer to it themselves, here are some tips:

To avoid eating spaces for electrical outlets on walls and on floors, you can try the latest modular power grid that is suspended from a ceiling and offers drop-down lighting and outlets.

Furniture choices should be carefully assessed. In a small office, it’s not about quantity but quality yet stylish pieces which can help elevate a look.

Instead of creating workstations for computer and its components, you can opt for laptops instead so you would just need a durable table to serve as workstations for the rest of the team.

Interior design is a hard task and the experts here studied for years to provide services. You can always find the best interior design company that suit your purpose and budget. But if you want to style your own space and experience the work itself, then the interior design ideas mention above can be your guide.

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6 Reasons for a Custom Home

Our homes are often a reflection of our style. However, if you live in a neighborhood where it seems as though every third house has the same floorplan as the one you own, then you may be longing for a place that is truly designed around your needs and your personal style. After all, there is more to owning a home than having one just like the Smiths down the block!

If this sounds familiar, then a custom home is just for you. With a myriad of home designs available, and the ease of changing the floorplan to meet your needs you can quickly have a home that is everything you have ever wanted!

Here are some other advantages to having a custom home built:

1. Fulfilling a dream – Let’s face it. There is something special about being able to walk into a home and know that it is designed exactly to your specs and needs. From the number and size of the bedrooms, to the garage and the state of the art kitchen, a custom home can be everything you desire.

2. Save money – Contrary to what might think, a custom home typically cost less than buying a ready-made home. After all, in most pre-existing homes, there will be some type of upgrade or remodel necessary. By building a home of your own design, there will be no reason to remodel.

3. Everything is new – When you purchase an existing home, you get minimal information about the status of the appliance, plumbing, electrical, etc… Consequently, you spend the first few years learning the home’s nuances and quite possible replacing things. With a new build, you know the history of each element. Sure, there will still be things to discover, but at least it won’t be a constant chore of replacing or upgrading.

4. More energy efficient – Older homes often need more work done on them, be it HVAC systems, doors, windows or water system in order to be energy efficient. With a new build, you can be sure that the home is at the top of the efficiency technology.

5. Landscaping – When you buy a home, you often need to spend time redesigning the landscaping to suit your level of involvement. With a custom home, you can decide how much time you want to invest in yardwork and plan the landscape accordingly.

6. Décor – With an existing home, it is common to go in and paint. Of course, that first means putting down sheeting or taping of areas to protect it from any paint. With a custom home, the painting can be done prior to moving furniture, which make it a much easier task.

If you are wanting a home that truly shows off your uniqueness, then now is the time to start planning a custom home. After all, there is no reason to settle for status quo. Talk to a local builder and learn more about having a home designed and built that suits your needs, your style and your budget. In no time at all, you can have a custom home ready to move in to.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Kitchen Designer

The kitchen is ideally said to be the hearth of the home and it is much more than just a space to cook and dine. If you are considering something more than just some apparent changes or are designing an entirely new kitchen, a certified designer can make the most of the space by the incorporation of beauty, functionality and efficiency. Here are some vital reasons to appoint a certified kitchen designer for your kitchen. Just read on to know more.

  • Go Beyond Beauty – Once you hire a certified designer you can rest assured that your kitchen will go much beyond the looks. You have to balance both the aesthetic and the functional elements of the kitchen. These two things often come in conflict with each other and that is why only professionals can ensure that both the aspects harmonise in a unique way. Your designer will interview you to know the cooking habits you have, your sense of style, the number of cooks you allow and your storage habits. On the basis of that your kitchen will be designed to suit every need of yours.
  • Be Benefitted from Experience – A certified kitchen designer has years of experience in planning a new remodelled kitchen with specific needs in the mind. This can turn out to be highly beneficial for your kitchen. The greater the experience the better it is for you. As this way, your needs can be catered to in a more specific way.
  • Gain Inside Information – A kitchen designer delves into redesigning your kitchen in the best possible way. The designers have relationships with many product fabricators to customise your kitchen design. As the kitchen designer works on kitchens every day, he or she has may know resources that you are not aware of. In order personalise your kitchen, the designer has personal relationships with many fabricators. Thus, you kitchen becomes the true expression of your choices.
  • Save Money – When you hire a kitchen designer, he or she helps you to save a lot of money. You can ask your designer about how money can be saved in case of appliances, cabinetry and countertops. You will be pleasantly surprised at the choices of products and designs that you will receive to keep your budget in check. According to the designers, creativity can be expressed in the best way possible.
  • Get Attention to Detail – There is much more to a kitchen than just choosing the right floor, great sink, countertop materials and cabinetry. A great kitchen consists of window placement, lighting, electrical, plumbing, heating, venting and many other mechanical issues. Your kitchen designer has experience in working around these pieces of the kitchen puzzle.
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Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

People make some common mistakes while decorating the bedroom. Bedroom decoration is a very personal thing and should reflect your style and taste. It is very easy to avoid some of these blunders that people make while decorating the bedroom. This article presents a list of the common bedroom decorating mistakes to avoid.

The Line-up

Most people have a problem when it comes to lining up furniture on the walls. You may find some people placing different size dressers on one wall. Doing so gives your bedroom a cluttered appearance that is also unbalanced. You have to measure the dimension of the furniture you will be placing on each wall and the available space. It will make sure that you have a balanced room with enough walking space. Scaling is critical as you don’t want to be bumping into things as you try to access your facilities like the bathroom.


Walk into the bedroom of a friend, and you will be shocked how people use color. Remember a bedroom is a place you need to relax after a long day of work. You have to be careful on how you paint your bedroom furniture, ceiling, walls, and floor. You need to employ a lot of creativity to avoid colors that will bring boredom to your room.

First, it’s advisable to use your favorite colors. First, select your primary color and follow it with the accent colors. Whiter colors tend to float while darker colors tend to ground. Observe how the color you choose matches with night time light and natural light. The most important thing is to surround yourself with the colors you love.

Having too Many Patterns in the Bedroom

Having too many patterns in your bedroom can distract the eyes, be overbearing and busy. There are several ways of introducing designs to the decoration of your room. However, you need to determine the fine line that dictates how many patterns you can use and where to place them.

Decorating the bedroom with patterns that are different from other rooms creates a lot of interest. The most important thing is to stay true to your plan and color palate. Make sure you use prints and patterns that draw attention to the accent colors and support your primary color. You could also mix it up with some blends of prints, solid colors, and different materials and textures.

Hanging Artwork too high

There is no need to strain your neck and eyes to view your artwork. Hang the art at eye level for proper balance and viewing of the images. Since we have different heights, you could hang them approximately 6 inches above the floor and 8 to 12 inches above your bed. You can hang them a little lower than the traditional setting, but going too low may not also look good.

Hanging your window treatments too low

Some people hang the art too high and window treatments too low. Window treatments are jewelry for the window, and they should dress up the bedroom window. The bedroom will appear taller if you install the curtains higher. Make sure the drapes touch the floor or they just go below the window molding.

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10 Tips to Find the Perfect Home

1. Go for the whole deal

Remaining set up longer will help you keep away from those additional costs. Besides, the additional time spent in your home could be sufficiently only to help you ride out a downturn in the land showcase.

2. Leave space to develop

Go for a home that can adjust to your necessities as your life changes, say, on the off chance that you have another child, or Junior moves back in after school. In the event that you can’t bear the cost of a place that is sufficiently substantial to meet your expected future needs now, search for one that will permit you to expand on later on.

3. Be adaptable

Consider a place with rooms that can serve various capacities, so the home remains very utilitarian for you as the years progressed. For instance, an open-floor-arrange style home is exceptionally versatile. A kitchen that ignores a family room is useful when one’s kids are youthful (you can cook while watching the children), while such a kitchen is additionally incredible for engaging your companions once the children leave the perch.

4. Go for your sort

Consider what style of home fits you best – house, apartment suite, townhome, and so forth – they’re not one size fits all. For instance, a solitary family home – which sits all alone parcel and should be kept up by the property holder – might be extraordinary for a man looking for security, yet not all that brilliant for some person who wouldn’t like to stress over cutting the yard, settling the pipes, and so on. In the interim, a townhouse may be ideal for some person who needs a “bolt “n” leave” way of life, yet not for some individual who doesn’t care for imparting a divider to his neighbours.

5. Check the environment

When you buy a home, you not just get a house, you likewise get tied up with an area. Consider whether that area will suit you. Of course, you may love the house itself, however will the uproarious neighbours nearby or the school over the road turn out to be excessively irksome for you? Likewise, do you like the vibe of the area and does it offer all that you require? It’s best to discover a place in a group that you’ll appreciate.

6. Buy what you can manage

It’s anything but difficult to shoot for the sky and overspend when purchasing a home – you naturally need the best your cash can purchase. Inspect your funds, remembering present and future costs, and don’t surpass your methods. It’s more intelligent to purchase a home you can without much of a stretch bear the cost of than one you need to extend to get into. Remain practical, and you’ll be better arranged ought to unforeseen monetary duties and issues emerge later not far off.

7. Think “home” first

At the point when acquiring a home, don’t envision the dollar signs you’ll see the day you offer it. A house is only that – essentially a “home,” and not a speculation. Thus, purchase a place that’d be extraordinary to live in first and consider its resale esteem second. Foreseeing land cycles and home thankfulness is sufficiently extreme for the specialists – and substantially more for the normal home purchaser. Additionally, while home remodels tend to increase the value of a habitation, they seldom recover more than what was spent on them.

8. Look at both old and new

It’s pleasant to move into a place that is fresh out of the box new. Be that as it may, new isn’t generally better. Consider both old and new. While you dislike a past mortgage holder’s brightening choices, you may like the proprietor introduced redesigns – like a completed storm cellar and a patio deck – that another home won’t have.

9. Location, area

You’ve heard this tip some time recently, yet a home’s area does make a difference. A house that is situated on an occupied, uproarious road might be less pleasant to you as a property holder than one arranged on a peaceful, detached parkway. Furthermore, a home on a circular drive is probably going to be worth more than an inadequately found one when it comes time to exchange. So consider a home’s area before you’re stricken by a terrific inside.

10. When it comes time to offer

While you need to think about your place as a home first and not a speculation, it doesn’t bode well to buy a white elephant, either. You ought to put at any rate some idea into how simple – or troublesome – it’ll be to exchange the home one day. On the off chance that a house is so not at all like other close-by homes as far as size, style, cost, and so forth, you might need to skip it and look somewhere else – it could turn into a weight should you need to some time or another proceed onward.

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Choosing Floors For Your Home: 6 Options

Many people overlook their floors, when they look to buy their home. Perhaps they take them for granted, but hopefully, it’s because, they realize, one can change these, to fit their needs, tastes, requirements, etc. There are many types of materials one might consider, as well as evaluating the environment, or ecological factors. This article will try to review, the basics, of the 6 major options, generally considered, for one’s floors, etc. One should remember you can have a different floor type in different areas and locations throughout the house, also.

1. Hardwood: Hardwood flooring is perhaps the most sought – after material, at least in many areas of the country. Besides the appearance, one of the advantages is its longevity, and ability to be re – finished, resurfaced, and stained. While the popularity is understandable, there are certain locations, where you might want to stay away from hardwood floors. One is in entry or extremely high – use areas, especially ones, which might be subject to excessive amounts of dirt, moisture, etc. While these floors are enduring, they will often exhibit this use, and appear to need to be finished and/ or refined. Another area is in the kitchen areas, because of the need to clean these floors more often, and wood endures, but the procedure for cleaning and maintaining the appearance, might be challenging. In areas where the room and floors, might get colder in the winter, especially those that overhang, etc, many people cover much of the floors with rugs and/ or carpets, for warmth, etc. However, there is something special about the look of hardwood!

2. Laminate: A less expensive alternative to hardwood, these generally have a luster and appearance, of polished wood, at generally far lower cost, and requiring much less mess and modification. However, care must be taken, because these often show scratches, etc, and a particular type of cleaning material must be used, for maintenance, etc.

3. Carpeting: Years ago, carpets were the craze! Today, most people limit carpeting to areas such as formal dining rooms, and certain bedrooms, as well as using industrial – grade, or inside/ outside carpeting, in basements, dens, etc. Carpets come in various styles, materials, etc, but care must be taken, to use stain – resistant additives, and be aware of allergies, etc. Also, you must vacuum, on a regular basis. The advantages are: some people really like them; they come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, etc; and are somewhat easily replaced/ maintained; provide warmth; and cover – up a variety of sins, in the floor below!

4. Tile: Kitchens are prime areas for tiles, as are high usage areas. One should know the proper maintenance for the particular type/ material, being used. However, quality, stylish tiles, are often costly.

5. Linoleum: All the rage years ago, today these materials are most often used in smaller kitchens, basements, and less formal areas. They are less expensive and relatively easy to maintain, but have a somewhat limited life expectancy.

6. Mix and match: One can mix and match materials throughout one’s home, but do so, in a logical way, which takes advantage of the strengths of the materials, works in your budget, serves your purposes, and makes sense. Remember: it’s your house, and your taste, but what you do, may impact resale prices!

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