Creating Peace With a Home Altar

The home altar is enjoying a definite comeback in many American homes. Although it is not an entirely new idea, as home altars or chapels were all the rage for the great houses and castles built across Europe. Many Eastern religions encourage a personal and direct connection with the Divine power through daily prayers at a home altar. Soldiers throughout thousands of years carried talismans of their religion with them as a form of a portable altar that they could take with them in their travels.

Your home altar can be as simple or elaborate as you choose it to be. However, regardless of your beliefs, you can create a place in your home that honors your faith and Higher Power.

Some basic ideas:
*Find a place for your altar that is easily approachable. You do not want to have to move your altar every time you want to set the table for dinner.

*Get a piece of nice fabric or lace for an altar cloth. Although not required, but it helps support the idea that the space is “special”.

*A small statue of a religious figure (Buddha, Christ, etc.) or a representation of nature is a good focal point.

*A small candle.

*An incense stick holder and incense sticks.

*Create your altar so that it appeals to you and your connection with your Higher Power.

*A spiritual-themed book or the primary source for your religion.

*Once you have created your altar, ask for the blessings of your higher power to bless your own sacred space.

When you feel you have completed your altar, make it an essential part of your daily life.

Ideas for utilizing your home altar:

*Giving thanks for the day, your life, or any other blessings you may have received

*As a place for meditation or prayer

*A place to bring your troubles and to work out emotional pain

*A place to renew your faith

*Write it down a desire to manifest on a slip of paper and leave it on your altar.

An altar can be a place of community and healing within the home. Invite family members or housemates to make their own contributions to the altar and allow them to see how you incorporate your beliefs into your everyday life. This can encourage them to give the Spirit a more emphasized place in their lives. The point of setting up an altar is to honor your connection with your spiritual nature, so make it happen.