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What Do You Need to Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Lymphatic drainage massage has been known for or connected to with several other names, one of which is manual lymphatic drainage. Basically, it is a treatment to illnesses or issues in the lymphatic system that is caused by body ailments or received medical treatments. The process performs a manipulation of certain body parts to aid the lymph transfer to functioning lymph vessels.


The massage is performed gently onto specific body areas for the purpose of easing the pain due to swelling, and the removal of the swelling itself. Swelling usually appears in the arms or in the legs. Individuals who have undergone breast and other cancer treatments get lymphedema. This lymphedema triggers the formation of the painful swelling of the lymph. During the massage, the therapist applies techniques in order to push the lymph toward the lymph nodes resulting to an ease in the swelling.


There are two processes involved in the performance of a lymphatic drainage massage. The first one is called clearing. In here, the lymphatic fluid is being released into the tissues. The second step is called reabsorption. In this step, the lymphatic fluid is being moved into the lymph nodes.

Proven Effect

Lymphatic drainage massage, like many other therapies available today, is still under study. There have already been studies done which concludes it as functional and effective to patients possessing specific types of ailments. Based on other studies, individuals who are below 60 in age can greatly benefit from receiving lymphatic drainage massage.


Maybe the question of some is if a lymphatic drainage massage does come with side effects. In general, lymphatic drainage massage is considered to be a harmless treatment, particularly in easing lymphedema. Nevertheless, there are certain circumstances in which the massage may not be advisable. For instance, having a kidney failure, having an infection, having a heart ailment, and having blood clots. Consulting to a specializing healthcare professional will answer any other related questions and concerns.

Seeking a Doctor

Many are curious about trying lymphatic drainage massage at home. And as a matter of fact, many have done it already. The performance of lymphatic drainage massage is health-borne. Therefore, it is always a wise move to seek the advice of a doctor before doing a DIY massage treatment at home. More than that, an expert healthcare provider can tell you if your condition permits the use of lymphatic drainage massage or not.

Choosing a Clinic

Right now, there are plenty of medical centers that offer lymphatic drainage massage and related treatments. Before visiting any one soon, it is important to play a wise person. See to it that you have done your research about the facility as well as their housed doctors and therapists. Learn about the history of the clinic and check its online rating and reviews. Generally, lymphatic drainage treatment is a good and safe bodily treatment. But you can take advantage of its use by ensuring that you pick a therapist that has proven experience.

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