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For those parents with patience and time on their hands, the firm resolve of a toddler of doing things on their own is a sense of pride and delight. This is however not the case for the parents who are trying to get to the bus stage in time or get to work early or make dinner for the rest of the family. During this phase of development, everything from sleeping, bathing to feeding is a battlefield. It is however advised that you should as much as possible led the child have as much time as they need to do things for themselves. You can spike things up a bit by turning routine and daily tasks to games or inviting the child to help you handle home chores with you. Below are some of the basic toddler care tips to help you ease thinga for you.

There is no parent who is not eager to help their toddler use the potty and ultimately the toilet. It is a while relief to get rid of the cumbersome mess, expense and work associated with diapers. However, it is impossible to rush a child who is not ready to potty train. There are however tell tale signs that your child will give you that they are ready to start using the potty. As soon as they reach a year, they will know the feeling of a wet diaper or notice the puddle of urine on the floor that comes from them. Several months after this they will tell you when they get the peeing or pooping sensation.

When the child is two and half years old, they will have the required physical control and communication needed to tell when they need the potty. Rushing an unready child will only lead to frustrations for both the mother and kid. Ensure that you loop in the caregiver or any other person around the child of your toilet training routines. You must not, during this phase, blame, shame or punish the child. Till the child hits five years, mistakes are quite common. The key to a successful process is staying calm. If your kid refuses to use the toilet or shows any worry symptoms, postpone the whole learning phase.

Hair washing can become problematic for toddlers too. There are kids who fear their heads nera or in water. If you insist and force the matter, the child can have a life long water phobia. You will thuabhave to look for other satisfactory solutions to getting your baby’s hair clean.

When purchasing clothing, beta in mind that they will soon wish to select their clothes. I’d you will hate uncoordinated outfits, go for colors that can be match d and mixed easily.

After the toddler has all their baby teeth, arrange for the first dentist visit. If your dentist is incapable of handling children teeth, ask for recommendations from friends and close efamily members for an ideal dentist for kids. There are dentist who only handle children teeth up to eighteen years of age. Their offices are more of amusement parks than a healthcare facility. The first dental check-up must be about putting the kid at ease at the proffesional’s office, therefore, do not wait till you get a dental emergency to rush to the dentist. For the parents with fears about visiting a dentist, they should refrain from passing their anxieties to the toddler.

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